About GTS

Greenville Tamil Sangam (GTS) was formed in 2008. What initially started as a small gathering of friends, We are now slowly growing.

The primary mission of GTS is to:

Provide a unified forum for Tamils in this area. Greenville is growing and our Tamil concentration has increased dynamically. GTS aims to provide a platform to facilitate interaction among the area tamils.

  • Celebrate Tamil festivals:

    To celebrate festivals such as Pongal every year.

  • Help other Tamils:

    To help other Tamils in Greenville and surrounding areas feel at home.

  • Make Tamil youth aware of our heritage:

    To educate and encourage Tamil youth to learn, appreciate, and abide by the Tamil culture


Our Hardworking Team

Vanith Murugesan


Mandy Chidambaram

Vice President

Ravi Meenakashi


Pravin Johnson


Hari Sugavanam

Entertainment Chair

Selvi Aravind

Entertainment Chair

Aravindan Muniappan

Media Chair

Syed M

Media Chair

Vasanth Nadarajan

Sports Chair

Bharath Veeraragavan

Public Relations (PR) & Sponsor Chairs

Joe Eskalin

Public Relations (PR) & Sponsor Chairs

Ravichandran (Clemson)

Public Relations (PR) & Sponsor Chairs

Rajesh Durairajan

Logistics Chair


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Vedic Center, 520 Bethel Dr, Mauldin, SC 29662

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+1 864-313-3363

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